Are You Afraid to be Thin?

Strange Question: Are you afraid of being thin?

Even Stranger Answer: Yes, you very well may be and you will probably stay fat until you discover and confront the very good reasons that are behind this fear.

Okay, now that I have your full attention, I want to make some sense out of my provocative question. I know you really want to lose weight. Otherwise you would not be reading these articles. I also assume that you have a history of losing and gaining and that you feel frustrated and possibly dejected about achieving long term weight loss. However, if I have come close to describing you then we definitely have something to talk about. I have some good news and some bad news and the bad is not really that terrible.

The Bad News: You have a hidden force inside you that is keeping you fat. It is this force that suddenly appears after you have begun to lose weight and drives you back to overeating and comfort foods. This force is located in what I call the Unconscious Mind and it has tremendous power over your eating habits. Most weight-challenged persons cannot lose weight and keep it off until they discover and heal or manage this inner force.

The Good News: This force can be identified and healed or managed (with a bit of inner work). Individuals who do this kind of inner work usually make much better progress on their weight loss journey. I lost 65 pounds this way and have kept it off for 5 years.

Question: How do you make contact with your Unconscious Mind and identify the reasons it want to keep you fat?

Answer: Do the exercises I have described below. Really do them. Take them seriously and they will produce some truly meaningful results. Each one will make a big difference.

Discovering why you are afraid to be thin
Do a Fat Time Line. Write down a history of your body. Start with a time that you were not fat. Then note when you began to gain. Describe the events that occurred in your life as you were beginning to gain weight. See if you can identify any incident or series of incidents that may have caused you significant pain. Explore the possible connection between your weight gain and then painful incidents. See if you can begin to understand why being fat might be a way of protecting you from any or all of the pain in your past.

Fear of Thin. Make a list of at least 5 uncomfortable things or situations that you will have to confront or handle if you become the weight you really want to be. Do not tell yourself that being thin will only bring you good things. Major life change always has its down side. Think about it. What kinds of potential difficulties will weight loss bring you? You may not consciously think about this but your Unconscious Mind has some concerns. If you identify them and take them seriously, you can change your reactions and handle your fears.

Weight loss may equal loss of excuses. If you lose weight you might lose some of the excuses you have used to hide from life. What if you have used your weight to hide from love or sex or being successful or being more visible or powerful or more outspoken? When the weight goes away, your excuses may also disappear. Take an honest look at your motivations and see how true this one is for you. Clue: This applies to almost all chronically overweight persons.

Here's an excerpt from my one hour CD entitled:
"Why You Want to be Fat"

Why do you find weight loss so difficult? You struggle to lose and then some hidden force pops up and takes control and makes you fat again. The fact is that you are being driven by 2 conflicting forces and one of them actually wants you to stay fat. Dr. Anderson will help you identify this force and give you effective tools to heal, manage or change it.

“Until we identify and manage the inner forces that fear and resist weight loss we will be doomed to stay fat. The good news is that this can actually be done with some serious and focused inner work! This kind of work really makes a difference to one’s body and one’s life in general.”

Please check out this powerful CD plus my other tough minded weight loss tools including my best selling CD set "Eating to Kill". For details, please visit my online store .

Matthew Anderson, D.Min.

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