Spiritual Boot Camp

“Come, join the courageous who have no choice but to bet their entire world that indeed, God is Real.”

  What is Spiritual Boot Camp?
It is a 10 week intensive challenge that will take you to an entirely new level of spiritual growth and inspiration. 
Why should you join Spiritual Boot Camp?

Because you have known for some time that you are ready for a new and life-giving connection to God and yourself. 
What will Spiritual Boot Camp involve?

Actually, quite a lot.  The basics are briefly outlined below.
Weekly lessons that include challenging homework that will focus on your internal spiritual life, your daily spiritual practices and direction for living and expressing your faith in your relationships, your work and your life in general. Weekly live on-line chats with Dr. A and other group participants. Daily access to and supportive interaction with other Spiritual Boot Camp participants. Heart-centered prayer. A style of prayer that will open your heart with a new level of passion and receptivity to God’s presence and guidance in your life. Radical forgiveness exercises.  You will be invited and encouraged to receive and to give forgiveness in ways you have never thought possible. 
Encounters with sacred Scripture. A process of daily study of Scripture that will make it come alive in your heart and in your life. Anonymous acts of giving.  A radical approach to giving that will give you the opportunity to experience the true spiritual meaning of giving. Claiming and living one’s gifts.  Compassionate but tough-minded direction about how to face and embrace your real gifts and share them in a way that makes a difference in your world. Exploring soul-centered relationships.  How to infuse each and all of your relationships with soul. Sacred journaling.  Daily, written encounters with the Presence of God that lives in your deepest self. The periodic practice of mystical connection with God.   Exercises taken from the lives and spiritual practices of the saints.
If you have read this far you are probably experiencing an internal paradox.  One part of you desperately, enthusiastically wants to say yes.  Another part of you is frightened and is coming up with excuses.  The truth is none of us is ever completely ready to surrender our lives more fully to God.  So, please take your fear in hand and take the risk anyway.  Say, “yes.” 
The question is - Are you ready?
$300 payable by credit card in $60 increments, every two weeks. 
Special Discount:  $275 if paid in full.
To register, please contact Dr. Anderson at 561-362-4049
or by email at DrA@DrAusa.com
(Depending on availability, a 3 night 4 day retreat will be offered.)

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