Can an Older Man Get Fit?

I made a big decision this week. I want to get physically fit. If you have followed my columns with over the last 6 years then you already know I lost a pile of weight (Aprox. 65 pounds) about 5 years ago. I have kept 50 of those pounds off and I am happy about that. However, I want more than less fat and a smaller shirt size. That is what this article is all about. I want to get physically fit.

The question is “Can an old man get fit at 60?”

OK, maybe some of you don’t think 60 is very old but the issue is relative. Some people are very old at 60 and some are alive, vibrant and full of energy. I plan to be around for another 40 years and I want to be one of the alive-vibrant types. I recently faced the fact that I need to make some changes if I want to join the alive-vibrant club. I am currently way too stiff, slow and easily tired for my taste and needs.

You see, I have some plans for the next 40. I have at least 5 more books to write. I want to produce many more CDs on various subjects including weight loss, how to drop 100 pounds, spirituality and waking up, etc, etc, etc. I also want to be able to play 36 holes of golf in one day, take long hikes in the Everglades, take photography courses in the desert, play racquet ball 2 or 3 times a week, learn to play the banjo and the harmonica and see Scotland, New Zealand and Kyoto. I need to be fit to do these things.

The trouble has been that I stopped exercising after college. I went to work and sat on my butt for the next 35 years. I sit with clients. I sit with the computer and I too often sit with the TV. I have had it with sitting. I have had it with being stiff and sore after exercise or an extra couple of rounds in the pool. I want a new level of flexibility, greatly increased endurance and extra strength in general. I also want to drop my golf score at least 7 points (I heard that extra flexibility will do this).

So what am I going to do about this old man syndrome that is creeping up my body and my bones? I called

Really, I did. I called my new buddy Raphael Calzadilla and said “Help me before I fall and can’t get up!” Raphael, as many of you know, is the wonderful, muscled, and general nice guy expert on fitness. He has agreed to take me on as a project. He will be working with me to create a program designed to make me flexible, stronger and able to go all day long with zest. Sounds good to me.

Matthew Anderson, D.Min.

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Can an Older Man be Fit?
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