Dr. Anderson's
Food Addiction Boot Camp Extreme

Note: This program is for anyone who is 30 pounds to 200 pounds overweight.

*Are you sick of losing weight (sometimes a lot) and then without warning, you put it all back on?

*Do you often feel hopeless about dropping those unwanted pounds?

*Would you like, love, to finally discover the real reasons you gain weight and then be taught how to manage and overcome them?

*Are you ready for an outside-the-box program led by a nationally known weight loss expert who lost 65 pounds of his own fat and has kept it off for 7 years?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES then you want to read every detail of this letter. It could change your life and your body dramatically.

There is a very good possibility that you are like me.  I am a food addict. 

I am currently “in recovery” as we like to say.  But the truth is I struggle with food addiction.  Food is my drug of choice.  I weighed 250 pounds seven years ago (43-44 waist and extra large shirts).  I was fat and hopeless about ever being a healthy weight again.  I was a cycler and a fat-and-self-hater.  Then I finally got the point and created my own program to lose the weight and keep it off.  I lost 65 pounds in 2000-2001.  I weigh 190 today and I feel great.  In fact, I just lost 5 pounds in the past month because I was wavering a bit (not uncommon for food addicts).

How did I do it? Here's a better question: How can you do it too?

I looked at every weight loss program I had ever tried and discovered that they all were missing essential ingredients.  And we all know that a “solution” that is missing an essential ingredient is not a true solution: It is flawed and inadequate to the task.  I was shocked to realize that almost all weight loss programs (yes, even the most famous best sellers) had a 95% failure rate.

What is a 95% failure rate?  It means that 95% of the weight-challenged individuals who lose weight cannot keep if off for two (2) years!  Yes, 95%.  That means that almost everyone fails at long-term weight loss.  I was one of those individuals and you probably are one also.

I decided that I wanted to be one of the successful 5% who lose weight and keep it off.  The usual experts seemed to have no clue so I went outside the box for an answer.  Here is what I found.  It has worked for me for seven years.  I am convinced that it will work for you. Successful long-term healthy weight-loss requires attention to Five Essential Ingredients.

If any one of these essentials is neglected or avoided then fat will always return - sometimes worse than before).

The First Ingredient (missing from every other popular weight loss program) can be achieved here and now before you even finish this newsletter.  The First Ingredient is the simple but often very difficult acknowledgment that YOU ARE A FOOD ADDICT - just like me. If you are not convinced that you are a food addict then take this quick, non-scientific test. If even 3 of these apply to you then you are a food addict.

Food Addiction Checklist

1. I have been at least 25 pounds overweight for a year or more.  I have not included height or gender factors here because you know whether or not you are and have been overweight.  You also know whether or not it is a chronic problem.

2. Eating is most often the "high point" of my day.  Do you start thinking about food a long before it is time to eat?  Do you get excited by the idea of a special meal and do you feel this way often?  Is there anything in your life that gives you more pleasure than food? 

3. I am often preoccupied with thoughts of food.  Do you often think about food while you are performing the normal tasks of your life?  Are your food thoughts obsessive?  Can you go for long periods of time and not think about food?

4. I binge at least once a month.  Food bingeing is a classic symptom of food addiction.  It could involve eating a half-gallon of ice cream at one sitting or twenty ice cream bars over a period of four hours.  It is comparable to getting drunk for an alcoholic or stoned for a drug addict.  Even a once a month food binge is significant and indicative of compulsive and self-destructive behavior. 

5. I prefer to eat alone.  Food addicts often prefer to eat alone because we are ashamed of our eating habits.  We believe that other people will judge us because of what and how much we eat.  Many of us eat alone in our cars on a regular basis and avoid public eating.  We find ways to sneak food even at home because we don't want family members to observe, judge or attempt to control us.

6. Food has a major calming effect on my emotions.  How often do you eat to kill your feelings?  Most food addicts do this every single day.  We use food as a tranquilizer to dampen, eliminate and/or change our emotional state.

7. I often eat until I am physically uncomfortable.  Do you know when you have had enough to eat?  Can you stop eating when your body tells you it is satisfied?  Do you often feel stuffed after eating?  Do you know what it is like to finish a meal and feel comfortable or "light"?

8. I often sneak food or eat in secret.  This is a version of #5 above and it deserves more attention.  Sneaking food and eating in secret are signs that we are uncomfortable or ashamed about feeding ourselves.  It means that the act of nurturing ourselves has gotten polluted with deeper emotional issues such as control, perfection, shame, and often love-deprivation.

9. I force myself to eat "normally" in public.  Do you consciously control or limit the types and amounts of food you eat when other people are present?  Do you have concerns that others are eating less than you are eating and does it affect what you choose to eat?

10. I often dream about food.  Dreams come from our Unconscious and give us important messages about our needs and desires.  Dreams that frequently include food are a good indication of how important food has become to us and usually give some idea about what food symbolizes.  Food dreams can indicate addiction and can also point to the powerful underlying issues that drive our eating patterns.

11. I get anxious when food is not readily available.  Do you have difficulty tolerating events and situations that do not have food present?  Have you become creative in your ability to include food in your daily activities?

12. I eat whenever I feel a strong emotion.  This question is related to #6 above.  How often do you go directly to food when you have an intense emotion?  You may consider the emotion negative (anger, anxiety, sadness, etc.) or positive (love, lust, happy, etc.) but either way you eat.

OK, if you checked even 3 of these items then you are like me – a food addict.  Admit it and we can get on with a real solution to your weight problem.

As I stated above, the First Ingredient of  successful, long term, healthy weight-loss is to admit that you are a food dddict.  If you cannot admit to this then you do not need to read any further.  My program is not for you.  You will not be able to apply the intensive tools and exercises and guidelines that I will share in my Food Addicts Boot Camp Extreme

My boot camp is only for those individuals who are so sick of failing at weight loss that they are ready to finally face the real truth about their problem and thus be willing to apply and integrate ALL 5 ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS EVERY SINGLE DAY during and after the 12 weeks of my Boot Camp.

Question: Are you a food addict? If you can honestly answer yes,  then keep reading.

The other 4 Essential Ingredients are listed below.  Every successful long-term weight loss program MUST INCLUDE ALL FOUR or you are bound to fail!

The Physical Ingredient – All popular (but also inadequate) weight loss programs include this ingredient and they are usually very good at it.  If you want to lose weight you have to do 2 physical things – you have to change your diet and you have to exercise.  My Food Addicts Boot Camp includes guidance about both diet and exercise.  Once again I am outside the box here but they are definitely included.

The Mental Ingredient – A few popular programs include brief mention of the mental aspect of weight loss but no one explores it to the depth and breadth that my Boot Camp does.  Your mind is an essential weight loss tool.  It can be one of your best weight loss buddies or it can totally block your path to success.  My Food Addicts Boot Camp will teach you how to become aware of the crucial role your mind plays and then show you how to make your mind your friend in weight loss.

The Emotional Ingredient – Totally missing from popular weight loss programs.  This ingredient is CENTRAL to your long term success.  Food addiction is emotion-driven.  If you do not learn how to own, manage and heal your difficult emotions you can kiss long term weight loss good-bye.  I have created a unique cutting edge process for facing and managing emotions that drive you to comfort food.  This is a basic part of my boot camp experience.

The Spiritual Ingredient – Completely missing from all popular weight loss programs and only present in certain highly religious (very conservative) programs.  Spirituality is essential to weight loss.  Spirituality is a basic human instinct and is a powerful aspect of either weight gain or weight loss.  I wrote and entire book about this subject (The Prayer Diet) and will teach the basics of this important weight loss tools in my Food Addicts Boot Camp Extreme.

What is Food Addicts Boot Camp Extreme?

It is a 12-week program during which I will challenge you to lose weight using all 5 basic and essential ingredients of long-term, healthy weight loss.  During the 12-week program you will be challenged to do the following:

(By the way, I will not abandon you at the end of the first 12 weeks.  Extended support will be available)

1. Daily exercise routine. 

2. An eating program that you can use for the rest of your life.

3. Daily attention to and management of your "fat thoughts".

4. Daily attention to your fat-creating emotions.

5. Daily attention to your spiritual needs.

6. My online Food Addicts Support Group. (available 24/7)

7. Live online chats (bi-weekly) with me and the support group.

8. Weekly challenges in at least one of the 5 Essentials.

9. Weekly weigh-in.

10. Weekly lessons and guidance (by email) on the essentials and how you can productively apply them in your life.

Are you ready to accept this challenge and lose weight once and for all?
Are you ready to begin a new way of seeing yourself, your body, and your life?

If you can answer YES to these two questions then you want to join us for the Food Addicts Boot Camp Extreme. We will begin Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008. Here is the information you will need to get started:

Tuition: $375.00 
Discount: $330.00 if paid in full by April 23rd, 2008. Includes a free CD THE COYOTE DIET (This technique is explored in-depth in boot camp).

If you cannot pay the $330 in full we will bill your credit card ($41.66) every 2 weeks after your $125 down payment.  Your total cost will be $375.00.

To register, please contact Dr. Anderson or Sunny Ross at 561-362-4049
or by email at DrA@DrAusa.com

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