Love/Fat Relationship

Donít wait any longer.
Dive in the Ocean.

Falling in love is a sacred event in your life. Surrender to it and allow it to take you wherever it wants you to go. If you get fatter for a while, donít worry about it. Love will finally handle that issue also. Love will not make you eternally obese. It will make you whole. Trust it.

If you have not yet found that love that breaks your heart open with joy, then keep on trying to open your tender heart just a little bit more.

Last words. Love, real love, is available to everyone. Donít write to me and tell me it isnít. You will only solidify your own cynicism and cripple your ability to see it when it appears. Keep on searching. It will come. I promise.

Love Questions

1. Are you afraid of love?
2. Do you restrict or hold back your love?
3. Do you gain weight when you are in love?
4. Is love hard for you to accept?
5. Do you give love better than you receive it?
6. How is food a form of love for you?
7. Does your lover support your weight loss?
8. What role does food play in your relationship with your lover?

Matthew Anderson, D.Min.

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