Spirituality For GrownUps

Meaningful spirituality for real life and real people.

What is meaningful spirituality?
A spirituality that is intelligent and tough minded, deep and compassionate, love-based and practical - and a sprituality that actually makes a transformative difference in the way we live, lose weight, face tragedy, crisis, addiction, confusion and great opportunities and finally find our gifts and purpose in this “blessed catastrophe” we call Life.

What is a grownup?

A grownup is a person who has at least a beginning understanding of one of the greatest truths about human beings:

AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT.  This means that our internal life (both spiritual and psychological) dictates and creates what occurs in our external life.

What is internal?  
Internal means everything that goes on inside our heart, soul, mind and emotions.  Contrary to the opinion of the masses (which still ignores and even denies the existence and importance of the Inner Life) we are not created by what goes on around us.  In truth, we create our relationships, our successes and our failures because of who and what we are at the very center of our being.

The good news about Internal:
When Jesus was asked “Where is the Kingdom of God” He gave a answer so radical and potentially transforming that we have taken almost 2000 years to begin to comprehend it.  He said “The Kingdom of God is within you.”  This powerful and essential mystical truth has many meanings and all of them are good news for all of us.  Ultimately going inside takes us into the very Presence of God.  Nothing could make a greater difference in how we see our selves or God than this truth.

Why do we need meaningful spirituality?

Human beings are instinctively spiritual.  We function best when we have a deep connection to God (Higher Power, Divine Source, the Numinous).  We become dysfunctional and suffer when we lose that connection.  Thus we need wise and compassionate guidance to help us establish and deepen our relationship with our Self and with God.  Every difficulty in life becomes easier to bear when we make this connection and often are transformed from crisis to creative opportunity.

The fact is none of us is exempt from the hardships, tragedies, struggles and even catastrophes of life.  As we all know and say in one way or another “Crap happens”.  So it makes good sense to have a connection to the most powerful resource known to man and woman – GOD. 

Why do we need one more radio or TV program about God and spirituality? Because, in my opinion, most of the current religious programming is fear-based, shallow, archaic, out of touch, anti-intellectual, narrow minded, profit motivated, manipulative and just plane irrelevant.

Please enjoy my archived shows on the right of this page. 

God bless you. 
Dr. A

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