Dr. Matthew Anderson's Services

Dr. Matthew Anderson has been a counselor for 35 years and currently has a practice in Boca Raton, Florida. He has conducted extensive studies in group dynamics, Gestalt therapy, transformational methodologies, and Jungian psychology. In addition, he has taught as adjunct professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University as well as other colleges in Hawaii, San Diego and Boston.

From 2000-2007, Dr. Anderson served as a columnist and spiritual/motivational consultant for eDiets.com , the largest and most successful diet program (2 million members and 12 million emailed Newsletters per week) on the worldwide web. His articles were read weekly by approximately 100,000 readers.

Recently Dr. Anderson has joined the advisory board for the new upcoming most comprehensive and informative website for health and wellness, Early To Rise. You will find his articles and eNewsletters circulating throughout their already 200,000 subscribers.

He is also available as a motivational speaker and organizational development consultant - having led seminars and presentations to Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and countless other organizations. His areas of expertise include: weight loss, creativity, surviving extreme stress, conflict management, team building, marriage enrichment, self-empowerment, spirituality and weight loss.

Organizational Consultation
If you are interested in scheduling Dr. Anderson for a speaking engagement or to work with your organziation, please email us or call 561-362-4049.

Individual Consultation
Dr. Anderson is available for individual consultation in person, by telephone or by email for clients residing outside the United States. His areas of interest and expertise include weight loss, spiritual growth, extreme stress, self-esteem, and self-management for professional care-givers. Sessions last 60 minutes and are usually scheduled one to four weeks in advance. If you are interested in scheduling a personal consultation with Dr. Anderson, please click here.

Note: Individual consultation with Dr. Anderson is focused on personal and spiritual growth and is not meant to take the place of psychotherapy.


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Dr. Matthew Anderson is available for private consult by phone or in his So. Florida offices. Weight loss, spiritual growth, recovery, or any other issue. For more information or to arrange your personal consult, click here.